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Audio Symphony first opened its doors in 1981 catering to the drivers who expected more from their car stereo, based on engineering compatible systems to fit and deliver the best possible performance for every budget. Equipments have evolved but our principles have stayed the same.

Listen to customer, show them what they need, do the best installation in their car, deliver the best and be fair. This has resulted in some of the finest installation jobs in the entire Bay Area. Our goal is to win our clients not competitors; therefore we have put together an electronic photo album of our everyday installations. Not to impress them by extreme systems but to show them what we can do in their cars.

We hope that you will visit us for your next purchase, giving us the opportunity of serving you for another 30 years to come.

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Undetectable Remote Radar & Laser protection system by K40. The system consists of front & rear radar receivers as well as a front laser defuser. Two flashing lights report both the intensity and location of radar while piezo speakers provide distinct auto alerts.

Projects - Lamborghini - 1 Projects - Lamborghini - 2 Projects - Lamborghini - 3 Projects - Lamborghini - 4

Lamborghini Gallardo

Custom installation of a new Touch screen Radio with Navigation, Rear speakers & Sub in a fiberglass enclosure, Sound dampening materials in doors, Front & Rear view cameras, and more...

Projects - Jaguar XK8 - 1 Projects - Jaguar XK8 - 2 Projects - Jaguar XK8 - 3 Projects - Jaguar XK8 - 4

Jaguar XK8

Installation of a McIntosh Power Amplifier, Boston Sub Woofer, Motorized 7" touch screen radio & Navigation, and more ...

Projects - MBZ E-Class - 1 Projects - MBZ E-Class - 2 Projects - MBZ E-Class - 3 Projects - MBZ E-Class - 4

MBZ E-Class

  • Incorporating a Rear view camera into the OEM Radio
  • Adding a Park Assist system with audio/visual display in rear
  • Replacing the radio with a new touch screen radio & Navigation
Projects - Volvo XC90 - 1 Projects - Volvo XC90 - 2 Projects - Volvo XC90 - 3 Projects - Volvo XC90 - 4

Volvo XC90

  • Replacing the Radio with a new Touch screen Radio & Navigation
  • Installing a Headrest rear entertainment system with 2 DVD's
  • Installing a rear Entertainment system with one DVD player & screen
Lexus LS460

Lexus LS460

Headrest entertainment system consisting of a pair of 7" removable Android tablets. Rear passengers can watch 2 different movies or the same movie playing on one of the two built-in DVD players. The movie sound can be heard through the car's audio system or wireless headphones. The tablets can be taken out and used outside the car.